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What time does my shift end?

Gitzo is the laziest dog you’ll ever meet. Even tasks that don’t require much energy, like modeling for a photo shoot, put her right to sleep. The one thing that will interrupt her slumber is the sound of the lid coming off the peanut butter jar, which sounds like no other lid coming off any other kind of jar. It will bring her out of the deepest sleep and into the kitchen before she realizes she’s there.

Although remarkably lethargic, she does have a part-time job pre-washing the dinner plates every evening before they go into the dishwasher. Her other part-time job has been assisting Karin with project management and publicity for the Dog Island Project. So far, her contributions have consisted of glancing briefly at social-media posts, nodding approval, and rolling over to resume her snooze.

But she is not completely devoid of ambition. Gitzo’s life goal is to bark at least once at every dog on Guemes Island. She has compiled a list and is slowly working her way through it. So, if she hasn't barked at your dog yet, be patient; she will get to him or her eventually. Right after her nap.

Photography: Michael Hilliard, Writing: Kathleen Cain, Project Management: Karin Mellskog
Gitzo's Human

Karin Mellskog

Project Management

While off-island, Karin manages trademarks and licensing for the University of Washington and frequently calls on skills from her previous career as an agency art director; however, her real love is for dogs, rescuing dogs, walking dogs, training dogs, and watching movies on the floor with at least one dog in her lap. It doesn't hurt that UW's mascot is a husky and they're referred to as The Dawgs.